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Penetration Testing

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Penetration testing gives us the ability to evaluate the security of your systems via a simulated cyber attack on your network. These can be simulated internally or externally and we can remedy any weaknesses identified in your business. Get in touch to learn more on the security services offered here at Genius Services.

Office 365

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For many companies, we have provisioned and configured office 365 and sharepoint services to introduced a new, more efficient, way of working. Office 365 enables a huge amount of flexibility, user management and web based applications. Contact one of our specialists for more information.


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GDPR is here. Have you done everything you need to?

In the run up to the GDPR implementation we saw thousands of privacy policy emails flying about, but what do you actually need to do on your website?

So far, since GDPR is now in place, we’ve been helping clients update cookie settings, and cookie notification banners, as well as adding new terms & conditions and privacy policies to client’s websites.

If you need help getting up to date, get in touch and we’ll create a custom plan to get your business compliant. You can also check the ICO website for further information.

Google lawsuit – Does Google owe you money?

The people behind are taking Google to court.

It is alleged that Google unlawfully collected data of iPhone users between June 2011- February 2012, via ‘The Safari Workaround’, a trick to obtain the users personal data by bypassing the iPhone’s built in privacy settings for the default web browser. This would then be collected by Google and used to send targeted ads to the user.

Class Representative Richard Lloyd, with Mishcon de Reya law firm, has formally notified Google of a class action claim. This could cost the tech giant up to 2.7billion.

Whilst targeted ads are common, with Google making vast sums of money from marketing alone, Richard Lloyd alleges that this was done illegally, as the UK has laws in place to protect an individual’s data. The Google You Owe Us Team estimates 5.4 million users could have been affected by this, and could be eligible as part of the claim.

The payout would be distributed amongst UK iPhone users. So, does Google owe you money?

From, you are part of the claim if:

a) You were at any time between 1 June 2011 and 15 February 2012 present in England and Wales and whilst present:

i) Did you have an Apple ID?

ii) Did you own or were you in lawful possession of an iPhone?

iii) Did you use the Safari browser to access the internet?

iv) Did you keep the default security settings in the Safari browser?

v) Did you not opt-out of tracking and collation via Google’s “Ads preference Manager”?

b) Were you resident in England and Wales on 31 May 2017?

If the case is successful, members of the claimant class will be asked to register in order to receive money they are owed.

Whilst the payout to individuals might only end up being a few hundred pounds, it’s still worth checking out for more info.