We are experts in our field when it comes to Apple Hardware. For may years we have been supporting large scale Apple-based businesses and always resolve issues efficiently for our clients. We only partner with certified and approved hardware repairers when required to deliver a comprehensive range of services. Screen replacements, hardware upgrades and new system installs are among the most common services we provide.

Apple for business

While MacBooks have always made great personal laptops, it’s become common knowledge that the Apple lineup of computers are increasingly becoming a staple of the modern workplace due to their ease of use, longevity and performance. Genius Services has helped many companies integrate Apple devices into their workplace. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about making the switch to Apple.

Apple for home

We provide both a call out service and remote support option for Apple users. Genius Services are always on hand to quickly resolve any problems you are having with your Apple products. Wether it’s setting up your brand new device or simply giving your old one a refresh. We’re always happy to assist.